This is a major event in Sacramento, to promote Buddhism, to benefit beings, beings in this area. If you can establish this way place, whoever becomes the Buddha in the future, you will have shares of great contribution. It is called doing my part, and not being hesitant to do what is righteous. Not even in a hundred billion eons, could you encounter this event. So do not turn away from this opportunity, just step forward bravely. I do not know when I say this, do you all now strike up your courage? If the answer is no, hurry up and bring forth that courage to help establish Buddhism. You all have the role in correcting peoples' minds. Do not say that we are waiting for someone else to do this job, I do not want to do it. Whoever has the strength or ability, should help to carry out this mission.


For Buddhism and other religions, although there are big conference rooms for them, none are in Sacramento. We would like to build a great place in Sacramento where everyone can use, and not only for Buddhists. Any other religions or groups, as long as they do not smoke, drink, or use drugs, and can follow the rules of our temple, are welcome here to use this place. We have to broaden our mind, not only within Buddhism, we should have considerations for all when we do things currently. So we have to establish this religious activity center, the center of Buddhism and other religions.