The City of Dharma Realm

Sincerely Recite the Auspicious Spirit Mantra for Eradicating Disasters

From the first day of this New Year, everyone may sincerely chant the Auspicious Spirit Mantra for Eradicating Disasters, which goes like this, “NaMoSanManDuo.MuTuoNan.EBoLaDi.HeDuoShe.SuoNang Nan. Da Zhi Tuo. Nan. Que Que. Que Xi. Que Xi. Hong Hong. Ru Wa La. RuWa La. Bo La RuWa La. Bo La RuWa La. Di Sai Cha. Di Sai Cha. Shai Zhi Li. Shai Zhi Li. Suo Pan Zha. Suo Pan Zha. Shan Di Jia. Shi Li Ye. Suo Wa He.”

If you recite single-mindedly, you will certainly invoke an inconceiv- able and miraculous response. These are called “response and the Way intertwined.” Why do we recite this mantra? We wholeheartedly recite to alleviate the calamities of mankind, to improve human welfare, and to save all beings from the sea of suffering. Then, we dedicate the merits from this recitation to every human being in the world.

In this ceremony, we hope to benefit all beings through our recitation. Whether people are Buddhists, good or bad, we share our merits to alleviate their suffering and bring unconditional happiness to each in- dividual. By reciting sincerely, we move the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to take pity on living beings with great compassion so that the disasters and calamities will be abated. Perhaps major disasters will turn into minor ones and minor ones will disappear.

We must strive to pray for all mankind so that disasters will be eradi- cated and auspicious events will occur. This is a sacred and meaningful purpose. On the eve of every Chinese New Year, the City of Ten Thou- sand Buddhas will host the Purification Ceremony. On the morning of the Chinese New Year day, recitation of this mantra will begin. It is a great honor to have this precious opportunity to participate. How for- tunate we are! We must rouse our spirits to recite sincerely. Do not be indolent or perfunctory. We shall all unite our energy to liberate beings from suffering. Recite! Recite! Recite!