The City of Dharma Realm
The City of Dharma Realm


The City of the Dharma Realm (CDR) is a buddhist education center established in 1992. The founder was Venerable Master Hsuan Hua who brought the proper dharma to the west. He was a direct lineage from Bodhidharma, who brought the dharma from India to China. You can learn more about master Hsuan Hua and his teaching in the Dharma page. In the Branches page you can find a list of the associated buddhist organizations in many cities around the world. To learn about the different events that we host, you can take a look at the Events page. In it you will also see our monthly calendar.

Approximately 14.5 acres in area, it is located in West Sacramento, California. CDR is a large place and has multiple missions in accordance to master Hsuan Hua's teaching. One of our main missions is education including Sanga and Laity Training Program (SLTP), Tung Yuan Vinaya Academy, CDR Instilling Goodness Elemnetary School and Developing Virtue Secondary Schools. We also offer Sunday Children Program and Summer camp. If you live nearby and wish to visit or contact us, you are welcome. To get the contact information, please go to the Contact page.

Tuan Yuan Vinaya Academy Building

At CDR, we greet each other with the word "AMITUOFO", that's Chinese for Amitabha Buddha, the name of the Buddha in the Western Pure Land where there's no suffering. AMITUOFO.